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Want to hire a team?

Are you Prepared to Hire?


  • Do you have all your writing numbers?

    •  Your hire will not be able to get contracted without you having all your writing numbers.

  • Do you have your CRM set up?

  • Can you answer basic questions about contracting and state licensure?

  • Are you prepared to be this person's manager throughout their FFL career?

If you can answer YES to these questions continue!

  • Vet your hire!

    • Will they sell?

    • Do they know the financial requirements​? Exam, E&O, Licensing Fee, Leads.​​​​​​​

      • Once they schedule their exam input them into the Hiring Form with their test date and relevant notes.​

        • Do not input someone without a test date unless they are in a restricted state

          • The exam code will not work in Illinois

      • Follow up with your agents throughout the course to check on their process, answer questions, and keep them excited. 



  • To input a hire into your CRM, log into

    • Click "account"

    • Click "my team"

    • Click "add team account"

    • Input the hire's full name and their email address.

    • Find yourself in the dropdown bar for "agent upline 8"

    • Click "Submit"

    • When you get the "SUCCESS" notification you have successfully entered your downline into the CRM!

      • Let your hire know they will receive an email to set up their own CRM​


To have a hire added to your Prosperity, log into your Prosperity account.

    • Click on "Contracting"

    • Click on "invitation codes" 

    • Select the comp you want the hire to start at

    • Copy and Paste that specific LINK into an email and send it to your hire

      • The directions for filling out prosperity are under the Licensed Agent tab

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